Filming & Media

Film & Media at Crocodylus ParkSince first assisting Marlin Perkins with an episode on Saltwater Crocodiles for "Wild Kingdom" in 1975, and operating a film production company in the 1980s, Wildlife Management International (WMI) have worked on feature films, hundreds of documentaries and carried out thousands of general media interviews.

Crocodiles are popular viewing, and WMI and its staff are at the forefront of making it all possible.

WMI decades of scientific expertise with crocodile biology, recognised nationally and internationally, has been combined with decades of experience in the practical aspects of filming crocodiles in every possible context, in both wild and captive locations.

Owned and operated by WMI, Crocodylus Park offers a range of opportunities for filming of crocodiles from 30 cm to 5 m in length, behaviour, etc.

WMI can also provide experienced on-camera talent, and the logistics needed - from boats and vehicles to crocodiles (up to 5 m long) - for all filming requirements.

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