About Us

Crocodylus Park, the brainchild of world-renowned crocodile biologist Professor Grahame Webb, was officially opened on 29 August 1994. It includes a unique, comprehensive crocodile museum through which the results of over three decades of crocodile research are extended to the public. There is no other museum like it!

Outside, there are Saltwater and Freshwater crocodiles of all ages and sizes, and American alligators. Crocodiles range from 30 cm hatchings to giant 4-5 m long specimens, caught in the wild and relocated to sophisticated, unitised breeding pens, which are used for research, production and tourism.
Photo: Tourists enjoy crocodylus park.
Tourists can visit Crocodylus Park, the largest attraction in Darwin, to see crocodiles "close-up", to learn about their biology and ecology, to ponder the educational material in the museum, to see the collection of other animals (big cats, monkeys, birds, turtles, snakes, …..) on display. Regular daily tours, including crocodile feeding, leave no doubt as to the power, speed and stealth of these magnificent reptiles. Crocodylus Park is also  increasingly being used for functions during the day or at night because it provides a unique atmosphere, especially for visitors to the NT's "Top End".

Totally owned and operated by Wildlife Management International (WMI), the staff of Crocodylus Park continue to research crocodiles and other species of wildlife, and promote the sustainable use of wildliPhoto: Staff and transmitter  fe as a conservation tool.

Crocodylus Park is an integral part of WMI's research and education efforts, and serves as a public education forum on crocodiles unequalled anywhere in  the world. It is a great source of pride to all its staff.